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The Information Center
Inside you will find the things that may make your stay here on Tribute easier. Our member groups guide and a timeline are here. More may appear here as we see fit.
5 0 Jun 5 2016, 05:51 AM
In: Points of Interest
By: Light
Rules & Plot
inside you will find the plot and rules for this forum. Please read them before you join.
Subforums: Subplot

12 6 Jun 5 2016, 05:55 AM
In: The Lost District
By: Light
all site wide announcements will be places here. Please read them when they go up as they may have rule changes
10 5 Jun 3 2016, 06:53 AM
In: Good Day All
By: Light
Questions & Suggestions
any questions or suggestions you may have feel free to post them within. GUEST FRIENDLY
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If you are looking to post an advertisement for your site, this is the spot.
Subforums: First Timers, Link Backs, Affiliates, Accepted Adverts

394 158 Aug 28 2016, 09:06 PM
In: Lochland Grove[jcink]
By: LG Team
Members Lounge
Members are allowed to come here and chat, plot, shippers and want ad.
Subforums: Want Ads, Chit Chat, Plotting, Trackers, Storage Bay, Leave of absence

23 28 Jun 5 2016, 05:17 AM
In: Cbox Gifs
By: Light

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Our app can be found here, please post in the right area and staff will sort it asap.
Subforums: Pending, Denied, Finished

19 0 Mar 8 2016, 06:34 PM
In: Scrolling App
By: Hope
Accepted Applications
When your app has been accepted it will be moved here and sorted into the correct category.
Subforums: The Experiments, Prisoners

17 17 Apr 2 2016, 09:05 AM
In: Maria Summers
By: Light
The face claims, job claims, victors claims and Who's Who can be found here.
11 49 Jun 5 2016, 05:38 AM
In: Victor Arena
By: Light

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The Capitol
Located where the rocky mountains at one time were. The Capitol is the center of the government of Panem. The people here are very wealthy and live off the forced labor of the districts the people here live well and never go without food.
Subforums: City Streets, Presidential Mansion, City Square, The Station, Downtown, RS Higher Learning., Resident Sector

22 405 Jun 4 2016, 03:04 AM
In: New place new chapter
By: Nicholas Tyrese
District One
Considered the wealthiest of the twelve districts, District One makes Luxury Items that are sent to the Capitol. While the best are sent to the Capitol, the district is very beautiful.
Subforums: City Streets, Victors' Village, Governor's Way, Justice Building, Fashion Lane, Jeweler's Way, The Academy, The Training Center

3 7 Jun 3 2016, 07:40 AM
In: A little rusty
By: Azura Silver
District Two
Known for Masonry, District Two makes weapons, trains and supplies. It is also here where the peacekeepers are trained, when they graduate they either go to the districts or enroll in the military to continue training.
Subforums: Streets Of District Two, Victors' Village, Governor's Way, Justice Building, The Nut, Peacekeeper Academy, The Academy, Training Center

1 0 Mar 18 2016, 09:52 PM
In: Yeah no... i'm not fine
By: Dante Phoenix
District Three
Before the dark days District Three was considered one of the more wealthy Districts supplying tech. Since the last uprising ended though the living situations and daily lives of the people here have changed for the worse as they struggle daily to survive.
Subforums: Streets Of District Three, Governor's Way, City Square, Justice Building, The Laboratories, The Academy, Victors' Village

1 19 Jun 3 2016, 07:45 AM
In: Back Home
By: Calibur Hewlett
District Four
A beautiful district on the coast of Panem, District Four is one of the most beautiful districts. The people from four are well adept at living off of the sea and the creatures that come from it.
Subforums: Streets Of District Four, Governor's Way, City Square, Justice Building, The Academy, Training Center, Victors' Village, The Beach, The Pier, The Docks, The Harbor, Sedna Family Lighthouse, Open Ocean

3 23 Jun 3 2016, 07:49 AM
In: The Goddesses Blessing
By: Bryson Delorean
District Five
District Five is one of the most important Districts in Panem, This district alone gives the people of Panem electricity and power to their houses. Its most beautiful feature though is the dam, which is guarded at all times.
Subforums: Streets Of District Five, Governor's Way, City Square, Justice Building, The Academy, The Maintenance Bays, Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, The Hydrodam, Victors' Village

2 14 Apr 12 2016, 11:27 AM
In: Your a Hot mess
By: Atom Foster
District Six
Coming into District Six you step into a concrete jungle, all around sounds can be heard as trains and hover crafts are coming and going can be heard throughout the day and night.
Subforums: Streets Of District Six, Governor's Way, Town Square, Justice Building, The Academy, The Mechanics Shops, Train Factory, Hover Craft Factory, The Den Thieves, Victors' Village

1 1 Mar 25 2016, 03:22 AM
In: why so serious
By: Tristan Reaver
District Seven
By far one of the most beautiful Districts, District Seven has a beautiful forest which goes many miles past the boundaries of their District. Known for lumbar and wood working, many things that are taken for granted in the Capitol and Districts are made here.
Subforums: Streets Of District Seven, Governor's Way, Town Square, Justice Building, The Academy, The Shops, The Paper Mills, The Forest, Victors' Village

1 16 Jun 3 2016, 08:12 AM
In: Cut to the core
By: Aspen Green
District Eight
Another concrete jungle, District Eight is covered in Factories that produce textiles and clothing. District Eight is almost completely covered in cement.
Subforums: Streets Of District Eight, Governor's Way, Town Square, Justice Building, Academy, The Factories, The Warehouses, The Underground, Victors' Village

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District Nine
Known for its farmers, District Nine has a very rural feel to it as the lands which are fertile in grain and other harvest seems to stretch on for miles.
Subforums: Streets Of District Nine, Governor's Way, Town Square, Justice Building, The Academy, The Wheat Fields, The Mills, Victors' Village

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District Ten
Much like Nine, District Ten is very large. Instead of farms though cattle and animals can be seen almost everywhere. Slaughter houses where the cattle are taken put a odd smell into District Tens air that never seems to fade.
Subforums: Streets Of District Ten, Governor's Way, Town Square, Justice Building, The Academy, The Slaughter Houses, Graves Funeral Home, Victors' Village

2 4 Apr 30 2016, 05:27 AM
In: Say It to me
By: Felicity Graves
District Eleven
Considered one of the hardest districts to live in, District Eleven is known for the fruits and Vegetables that are given to the Capitol and Panem. The people of Eleven are forced to work tirelessly until the end of the day to make a quota, if not they are forced to work throughout the night until they do.

Subforums: Streets Of District Eleven, Governor's Way, Town Square, Justice Building, The Academy, The Orchards, The Meadow, Victors' Village

2 152 Jun 5 2016, 02:58 AM
In: Feelings are what
By: Artemis Sterling
District Twelve
The poorest of the Twelve Districts, District Twelve's residents are known for their mining skills. The people of District Twelve struggle to stay alive daily and find food and survive.
Subforums: Streets Of District Twelve, Governor's Way, Town Square, Justice Building, The Hob, The Academy, The Mines, Victors' Village

1 15 May 6 2016, 02:38 AM
In: Late Night Meals
By: Echo Coal
Out Of Bounds
Despite being considered treason by the Capitol, past electrified fences you can leave your District and enter the wilds of Panem. Many dangers lie in-between here and any possible destination, the question is simple. Is it worth it?.
Subforums: The Forest, Cabins, Lakes, Ruined District, Panem Penitentiary

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District Thirteen
Rumor has it that District Thirteen was destroyed because of the rebellion of the dark days. The truth, well the truth is they now live underground.
Subforums: Above Ground, The Hanger, War Room, Control Room, Weapons Design, Weapons Training/Testing, Infirmary, Apartments, Mess Hall, Public Holding Area, Nuclear Weapons Hold, Bunker

1 10 May 6 2016, 02:28 AM
In: In all my life
By: Emily Redding

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The docks
The ships hang out in a hidden cove that all captains know how to navigate well. Repairs and everything are done around here as well.
Subforums: The repair cave, The Beacon of hope

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The Lagoon
This is a favorite place of the Pirate Queen. The walk here is not easy and can be dangerous if the Pirate Queen is relaxing here. Otherwise the water is nice but you need to know how to swim if you want to brave the waters of the lagoon.
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The City
This is the city that grew up from the ashes of those that ran from the dark days. The first ones that inhabited the islands.
1 45 Jun 3 2016, 08:25 AM
In: What have I done
By: Dodger Strife
The Jungle
A place to grab food other than what you can get off the shores or in the city. Its just another wonder of the island but if you go in here on your own you better pray you remembered your weapons.
Subforums: The Ruins

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Open Ocean
Yes from the island to panem there is open ocean. Only the bravest captains and crew venture in and out of port late in the night for the mist that covers the island is said to be able to down a ship that does not know what it is doing. Everyone on the island learns to navigate through it. at least those born on the island that is.
Subforums: The old Lighthouse

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The Coast
As your heart stops beating and you pass away, you will at times find yourself heading towards a beach. It is here that most souls will start the journey into the afterlife.
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The Districts
While the beach is the starting point, it is very rarely where people will stay. Its own shadow Panem of sorts this area holds all thirteen districts inside of itself, awaiting those who will inhabit its area for an eternity.
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The Shadow Lands
At times every person encounters darkness when they are dead, some are able to fight the Reaper who comes after them. While others, they end up consumed and pulled into the darkness where they are held till they break free...or someone frees them.
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The Great Beyond
With an eternity to spend the possibilities are endless, feel free to explore to your heart's content.

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Alternate Reality
This is a place to put threads that would not exactly fit on the board. A reality that is now provided here. A place were characters can come together even if they didn't think it was possible before.
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The Past
All threads located in the past can be found here.
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Past Games
After each victory tour has been completed, the games forums and content will be moved here so that players may re read and enjoy the previous games.
Subforums: 37th Annual Hunger Games

87 387 Feb 5 2016, 08:56 PM
In: Health Claims
By: Isabel Gryffin
Threads that have ended or become inactive will be moved here.
193 4198 May 16 2016, 05:02 AM
In: a test topic
By: Light

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